andrea fondelli

About me

It’s hard for me to find a specific moment from which my passion started, but, if I had to choose, I would pick my graduation day in 2007. That’s when I received my first reflex camera, surely one of the most appreciated gifts.

Photography has always been my passion, and I’ve always considered it a way to express that part of me that I can’t bring out in my daily routine.

That craved object allowed me to raise my imagination and improve my creativity – two aspects that I’ve always try to express in my trip reports – to concentrate on the emotional aspects of photography and to live every journey as a lesson.

I started thinking of photography as a job, but I was afraid it might affect my creativity. Everything changed when two friends of mine asked me to shoot their wedding day: I had to test myself, and I felt so much pleasure in doing that on their most memorable day.

As a silent and discreet spectator, I tell emotions through my eyes and my sensibility.

I have been working with Andrea Corsi, a great and well-known wedding photographer, since 2015. This experience has been essential because it surely improved my technique and my knowledge of wedding photography, and I’ll always be grateful to Andrea for that.

If I had to describe myself in few words, I would say:

“My reportage style comes from my architectural and engineering space’s studies because it’s clean, rational and discreet; but, in the end, my sensibility and my previous experiences play the most important role.”